Update: Karaoke Virgin No More

So the week after my extreme chicken out to grace the stage with karaoke greatness, I did it. I wasn’t drunk, but I signed up and sang a fun easy song that should (and did) engage the crowd. I started the song too early… and about half way into my performance, I started listening to myself and got really nervous. My voice started to shake and my whole body looked like a thermometer in the Texas heat, face to toes I was bright red. But I made it through, and I have to say, it was fun.

Thank you Joan Jett, I do love Rock and roll.

I’m still looking for more suggestions or just some input as to your favorite karaoke song.



Great Big Chicken, Still a Karaoke Virgin

Monday night I was invited to go to Karaoke night at Sherlocks Pub in Arlington. The hubby was home and had some work to do so I decided, “What the hell, sounds like fun”. Now, I am a Karaoke virgin. I have never been before. I figured a couple of drinks and I’ll sing something. I know, I am a bit late jumping on this bandwagon. Karaoke has been popular for several years and there are places all over town that do this on a regular basis. I have just never been. Okay, so I’m gonna go… I love Rock Band and sing all the time, to a nearly ridiculous level, so this shouldn’t be a big thing right?

WRONG. I learned that when it comes to singing alone in front of a crowd of strangers, am the biggest chicken, pansy, yellow-bellied… whatever, you get the hint. Any cojones I had (or thought I had) quickly exited from the building as soon as I actually thought, I might, do this. Why? I’m not actually sure. I have no problem chiming in at the top of my lungs as long as others are singing. This is proven recently at my home, about 15 people belting out Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody to the point where all three of my dogs joined in with their howling interpretation of the group’s performance. We Rocked!! or at least it felt like we did at 2AM with a bit of  “enhancement” to our skills.

So, anyway. Monday night I attended karaoke and did not sing (boo hiss, yes, I know). However there were several in the group that, in my opinion, picked up that mic and… like they say up north, were WICKED HOT. Shout out to Patrice and her rendition of Erica Badu’s “Tyrone“, Brad with some Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life”, Carter doing “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt and an especially rockin’ ensemble performance of Grease Lightening lead “Danny Zuko“. Time’s like this make me curse the crappy video camera on my iPhone.

So after my personal failure to even try karaoke, I went out on YouTube to see what I could find. Here are a few (of many) karaoke videos out there, that I think are noteworthy (mostly because they are hilarious).

Simply the Best…. drunk woman doing Tina Turner I’ve ever seen

Stand By Your Man, sung by a big dude (comedian Richard Bain)

Even 6 year olds karaoke to Hanna Montana

Elvis lives singing Heartbreak Hotel on the internet

For those interested there are also instructional videos on how to create your own karaoke tracks (without the vocals) from your own music collection.

So… that’s it, next time, I, apparently one of the few remaining karaoke virgins left on the planet, will with the help of a little liquid inspiration… sing!

Now to pick a song 😮

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated (and maybe a kick in the pants). Please…