Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

This past Saturday afternoon I found myself alone having dropped off my daughter at my in-laws for the evening. Sitting in the driveway watching the rain fall on the windshield of the car, I started to think about the area. This area of town was where my father grew up and where I eventually attended high school. It was at this time I got the inspiration for this week’s challenge. Equipped with only the camera on my phone, I began to take a drive down the wet streets of memory.

Home & Church

In this series: The street/house I called home for 3 years. The home my grandparents purchased in the 1950’s and raised my father and uncle in. The home I sold for nearly nothing almost 3 years ago, after my father passed away. Also, the church my grandparents attended for as long I can remember.

Library Park

In this series: The park next to the library where my father took me as a girl. We carried the old bread my grandmother kept for me to feed the ducks as we walked around the park.

Around Town

In this series: (1)The barber shop my father would get his hair cut and (2)the high school I attended (as well as my father, uncle, husband and brother-in-law). (3)I stopped at Jack in the Box for lunch. I have not eaten there in years. Daddy was the first to introduce me to the dastardly yet delicious tacos on our many trips back and forth to Houston. (4)The high school football stadium where my friends and I spent most fall Friday nights.

After an hour and a half driving down memory lane taking pictures through the rain spotted windows, it was time to make the forty-five minute drive back to my side of town. The rain picked up from a drizzle to a good soak and I drove home feeling the dreary day and missing my father terribly.



7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

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  6. These are GREAT Bethany !! 🙂 I just love so much the way you take photographs so beautifully and put them all together in the manner that you do…I just love looking at them!! I really like the rain in front captured in your pictures, they just add to the beauty of them. Thank you so much for sharing these. Immie 🙂

  7. gfarrumi@suddenlinkmail.com says:

    Beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes of all the fun I had with Bill and Marion and Tony. My beloved husbands youth. Love you my dear niece.

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