I started this blog with no real direction. Just the everyday ramblings of a “30-something women who is looking to find a lost voice in the age of social media”. Being one of the overly busy women (working wife and mother etc) that are all too common today, I find it difficult to stay with finding random topics. Not wanting to abandon the site, I have changed and narrowed the direction of the blog. It is still a subject-less blog as there is not one particular topic I will focus on, while at the same time the focus will be the art(s).

My voice is the canvas. My focus is life through art. I want to provide perspective through image not the word. I also want to provide support to other artists and whatever they have chosen as their medium.

This blog aims to be positive and uplifting in nature, though sometimes life leads us all to topics that are not always such. Bethany’s Mind will attempt to be helpful and thought-provoking and hopefully give readers a reason to turn on the computer every now and then and connect to someone else through more than a Facebook status.




One thought on “About

  1. Very authentically put “About You” page. I think you are right in wanting to narrow your blog down to a particular area because mine is as versatile and as different post to post as it gets which I can tell you has it’s downsides. But I like your focus.

    Photography has been a hobby that has been niggling away at me for years, too many coincidences that I can no longer take no notice of. I am in the process of getting my cameras (that have virtually just come to me) getting set up and in order ready to learn about them and the media of photography, so I will be very interested in following your blog to get tips and inspiration.

    I read on your Gravatar that you are into computers; that’s become a hobby of mine as well, I don’t hold any awards but it’s an area of great interest to me.

    It’s been lovely to meet you and I wish you well with wherever your blog takes you and look forward to your coming posts!

    Imogen 🙂

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