Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge theme is Regret. I put together a collection of photos for this challenge.

I regret…

  • (Top-Left) Having to go to Costco on a Sunday afternoon for one item
  • (Top-Right) The current use of the nursery, as well as a couple other similar looking rooms in my house
  • (Bottom-Left) Saying good-night and closing the door, feeling I haven’t had enough time with my special girl
  • (Bottom-Center) Owning the absolute worst dog in the world (and somehow still loving him). For better explanation check out Chihuahua vs Rat Terrier, Paco with the TKO
  • (Bottom-Right) Never being caught up on laundry (or the dishes for that matter). The cycle never ends!

All this said, I had to look really hard for things I regret and I realize there is not much major in my life I would do differently. I am grateful for my friends and family who make all of the small regrets seem insignificant and life worth living.



Chihuahua vs Rat Terrier, Paco with the TKO

Okay, so on CNN this video erupted:


First… Wow this 10 lb dog chases down two grown men with guns trying to rob its owner. Paco, this hero of a Chihuahua, attacks these two men with the vigor I have seen only a few times with my 120 lb Great Pyrenees (though to his credit he hasn’t had much reason).

I have never been fond of the Chihuahua breed in the past. We own a 8-year-old rat terrier and have always considered this 13 lbs of grumpy, clingy, smelly, diaper-wearing dog a step up to a Chihuahua. Sebastian was evil from the moment we purchased him at 6 weeks old off the back of the truck in the Wal-Mart parking lot. We had him “snipped” as soon as humanly possible in hopes that the all night yelping from the crate and overly aggressive play biting of our sweet Border Collie mix, Cassie, would dissipate. To no avail, he was still the same devil spawn puppy now robbed of whatever man-hood he should have had. Eventually we were able to house train him and live somewhat harmoniously with his idiosyncrasies. In 2009 we purchased Liam, a 6 week old Great Pyrenees puppy for my husband. This dog was bigger than Sebastian when we brought him home and when Liam was about 6 months old; apparently Sebastian lost all ability to contain his urine. We went back and forth and finally determined that it was a behavioral issue brought on by his loss of status in the household, boiling it down to a case of small dog syndrome. Now Liam is the one to get the “snip”. But I guess peeing everywhere is just too hard to resist once initiated and the perpetual claiming of territory continued. After a year of trying everything we could think of, we have resorted to putting the dog in a diaper in an effort to save our sanity and carpet/furniture.

The worst dog ever
Rat Terrier bested by Paco the Chihuahua

So now this video surfaces of the heroic Paco, who can run off two fully grown men with guns. And for those of you who have not watched the video… the reaction of the robbers as this crazed Chihuahua attacks is classic. I’m sure the scars on the backs of their heels will always remind them of the day they made the CNN best of video reel with Paco saving the day. In light of this new evidence… It is official; we own the worst dog breed on the planet. The Chihuahua has trumped the Rat Terrier thanks to Paco with a TKO.

Muy bien, Paco. A job well done.