Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge theme is Regret. I put together a collection of photos for this challenge.

I regret…

  • (Top-Left) Having to go to Costco on a Sunday afternoon for one item
  • (Top-Right) The current use of the nursery, as well as a couple other similar looking rooms in my house
  • (Bottom-Left) Saying good-night and closing the door, feeling I haven’t had enough time with my special girl
  • (Bottom-Center) Owning the absolute worst dog in the world (and somehow still loving him). For better explanation check out Chihuahua vs Rat Terrier, Paco with the TKO
  • (Bottom-Right) Never being caught up on laundry (or the dishes for that matter). The cycle never ends!

All this said, I had to look really hard for things I regret and I realize there is not much major in my life I would do differently. I am grateful for my friends and family who make all of the small regrets seem insignificant and life worth living.



I Am Super

This is my first post under the new format. I will be posting my artwork as well as the inspiring art of others. I have also created a page, “Creative Minds” to pay respect to the many creative people in my life. I hope to post something new every 2 weeks. I hope you like it.

Title – “Super”

I took this photo in October 2011 and finished the edits in Dec.

Is there anything more to say as we run next to a train on a dirt road other than “I AM SUPER”