1980’s – 10 things from my childhood.

So, today I’m feeling a little nostalgic. I decided to put together a list of some of my favorite things from the 1980’s.

  • Micheal J. Fox movies
  • Guns N Roses, and a good number of other well known hair bands
  • T-Tops: I remember my mother’s Nissan z series (280Z, i think) with T-tops. I also remember not having the tops, at least once, coming home from the beach and having to hold towels up to cover the holes in the top of the car to keep the rain out.
  • Bill Cosby as the jello spokesman as well as the Cosby Show
  • Barbie with big hair: I gave my daughter the last remaining one from the hundreds of Barbies I owned as a girl. There is a definite difference in the Barbie circa 1985-7, to the ones they make today. Not only was the hair bigger… but the other major assets were as well.
  • Letters (not email) from my Dad
  • Sesame Street when Elmo was a minor character, He-man/She-ra, and Thundercats: I currently live in a world where Netflix has 86 current episodes of Sesame Street available to stream. All include a whole episode of Elmo’s World. Sometime I just wish for the days when “La, La, La La – Elmo’s World” didn’t run through my head all day
  • Super Mario Brothers on the classic Nintendo: I don’t think I ever beat the game but I do remember playing for hours, and making my younger brother wait forever for his turn. Sorry Blake 😉 (Now that I think about it we may not have gotten this until 1990 or so but I’m still going to include it on the list)
  • Thinking Texas beaches were awesome! and  it was cool that my mom worked for an oil company.
  • Frogger on my Dad’s first Mac, pc.

What are some things you remember from the 80’s?



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