Introductory Mind Dump

Here is the introduction into my mind, which most outsiders would consider surprisingly stable.

I was born and have lived in Texas all my life, though surprisingly I have no real discernible accent (though it was recently pointed out I pronounce the word “out” like a Canadian, which I think is hilarious and am not sure where I picked it up). I do not live on a ranch, ride a horse, or wear western garb. I am a wife to a wonderful man and mother to a lovely daughter, who the readers of this blog will probably get to know well as they are the single best accomplishments of my life. I have a degree in Technology and have worked in the industry going on 11 years. I live in a typical Texas suburb where all the houses look the same, yes very “Weeds” without the pot. Nothing extraordinary but nice. We have 3 dogs, who constantly challenge my temper, but love them all the same. In a nutshell that is my life. Summarized this way is seems kind of boring… maybe I should ride a horse and wear cowboy boots. I’ll have to think on that.

To those who know me, you may ask why write a blog?

Hum… the answer is complicated in detail, but the answer I gave myself was “Why not?”

My goal for this endeavor is to connect. Connect with those who are both similar and different to me. Other methods of social media are nice, but provide only a snippet. Given a chance I want to find what might be next for my life, so here goes nothing.

Welcome everyone, lets see where the mind will take us.



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